Here's what Steve is currently working on

First off; Larry and Harry Stop the Story: Months after foiling the madmanís plot to wipe them from existence, Harry starts hearing that voice once again but this time, they arenít going to jump through the hoops and decide to get ahead of the plot before it begins...

I'm also working on editing some stories to publish them as E-books.

And somewhere Steve finds the time to write; The Colbert Files: With Soth dead and Colbert MIA, Snow uses Lotto as as spy who is on a secret mission. A mystery hunter is searching for her fatherís killer, Colbert resurfaces just as Soth does with a scheme that will destroy this now humble galaxy forever...

And I can't forget to mention that he's halfway through writing his next TMNT fanfiction story, Secret of the Ooze. The fourth one in that series.

And in the works, is the exciting sequel to his first ever published novel: Project Chronos, the War Begins.

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Remember to check back often, as Steve keeps coming out with more and more great tales to share. Make sure to have fun and also check out his E-Books available at Smashwords or Amazon