Special Thanks from Steve

We here at Steve Antonette.com want to send out a special big hearty thank you to those how helped with the design of this website: Without these people and sites for information, I don’t think I would have been able to muster through and complete the site.

So thank you to the awesome folks at http://www.coastworx.com for their brilliant bookflip design I use for my journal.

And a thank you to the creative peeps at http://www.sivamdesign.com for the working clock script.

Also thanks to the spectacular people at http://www.w3schools.com and http://www.quacklit.com and http://www.tizag.com for the information and help when I was first figuring out the basics of HTML coding and scripting. The easy to follow instructions made the journey of learning less stressful and easy to comprehend. A much appreciated and well deserved “Hats off” to you all!

And thanks to www.hostgator.com for hosting this site and making it an easy build.

Also a huge thanks to my family and friends for their years of support and encouragement, without them, the spiral struggle of the writer life might have been too much to venture into alone and the site, along with my stories probably wouldn’t have happened.

A special thanks to my pal Dave, who inspired me to be myself and keep the creativity of the site unique and pushed me to think outside the box and told me my first template design wasn’t anything special, that I should take the time to learn the basics of html coding to jazz it up; well, I hope it’s a lot better now Dave. ;)

Thank you all very much, Steve